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BeOS & Derivatives Ars 'reviews' Haiku, and concludes that "at the end of the day, Haiku may not be much more than an interesting diversion, something to play with on a spare bit of hardware on a rainy afternoon just for a bit of fun. But even if it amounts to no more than that, Haiku is still worth checking out." The article is a bit scant on content, but it does give me the opportunity to link to my review of Haiku alpha 1 from 3 years ago. I try Haiku every now and then to see if that review needs an update, but it always amounts to 'it got a bit more stable' - which is fantastic, but not a reason to redo it.
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by chekr on Wed 9th Jan 2013 12:17 UTC
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Haiku (like BeOS) is amazing from a technical and architectural perspective. I wish I could use it as my daily OS.

I will so get modded down for this, but I would love to have Haiku underpinning with a Metro-like UI ;)

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by Spiron on Wed 9th Jan 2013 12:49 in reply to "IMHO"
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if they created a nice new (and beautiful) UI experience I would happily switch and start making stuff. As it stands now though the OS still LOOKS a bit like a toy OS with all those cartooney icons and the old 'Iron Grey' theme. Is the UI functional, yes, but it doesn't look overly pretty, even from a minimalistic view.

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by UltraZelda64 on Wed 9th Jan 2013 17:23 in reply to "RE: IMHO"
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I think it looks pleasant enough... sure, it could look better, but does appearance really take higher priority than functionality? I don't think so. Right now, their main focus is actually getting the damn thing done. Ready for beta and then an actual release. I see nothing revolting about its appearance, its theme does the job.

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by Earl C Pottinger on Wed 9th Jan 2013 21:30 in reply to "RE: IMHO"
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What the hech is good about a beautiful UI?

Yesterday I had to transfer some files on a Mac and the good look UI some how made drag & drop less useful than on Haiku's Tracker - click on folder - drag to icon of USB drive - release - yet the first two times it refused to copy the folder, and then worked perfectly the third time I tried. I don't know how something that simple can be made to not work but that is what happened.

Windows 7 also looks great until you and to quick dive into some folder structure - a piece of cake in Haiku - a royal pain in Windows.

Working and easy to use functions are more important than good looks.

And don't tell me the users want the looks, because a good part of their problems with computers seem to come from the details hidden from them by good looking software!

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by Valhalla on Wed 9th Jan 2013 13:33 in reply to "IMHO"
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I will so get modded down for this, but I would love to have Haiku underpinning with a Metro-like UI ;)

Blasphemy!! Actually, I think you could implement something like that as an option, the way Stack & Tile works.

As for the article, it's much like other Haiku 'reviews' I've seen in mainstream tech press, apart from the backstory bit which kind of came across as if Haiku first started off once Zeta had bit the dust. Maybe it's just how I read it.

He did make note of the slow speed of Webpositive, this is something I've wondered myself, why is it slow? It's the 'same' webkit that powers other browsers so I can only assume that there is something in Webpositive's page loading that makes it slower?

Anyway, a nice enough article, always good seeing Haiku getting attention in the tech press.

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by anevilyak on Wed 9th Jan 2013 13:48 in reply to "RE: IMHO"
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The issue is the network backend that's in use. Currently the backend that Haiku's port uses is one based on libcurl, and that particular backend isn't particularly well maintained, no other port uses it any more. There's work in progress on a replacement but free time to work on it more and finish it is an issue.

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by henderson101 on Wed 9th Jan 2013 14:54 in reply to "IMHO"
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That is called BeIA:

Though it was completely customisable, so that is just some random pic I happened to find. The default layout was beautiful. I wish I had a screen grab of it!

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