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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Daniel 'Codeworkx' Hillenbrand on why he's not going to work on cm10 for the Galaxy SIII anymore: "Before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II we were promised support and devices. We received the S2 and the whole community was praising Samsung. To me, that was nothing but a good PR stunt, because there has not been even the slightest bit of support ever since. Actually Samsung vehemently refuses to hand out any information or even a single line of code to us. Our contact at Samsung seems to be willing to support us, but gets blocked by his superiors." His advice to prospective Android buyers is clear. "All manufacturers have an equally bad update policy, so if you like a Samsung device, just buy it. If you want to use AOSP or CyanogenMod on the other hand, you should stay away from Exynos devices, because they just don't meet the requirements. Instead I recommend you to buy Nexus or Qualcomm/OMAP devices that haven't been completely botched by the manufacturer."
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I'm not dumb and I'm not rude. In fact I was very polite, reasonable and motivated my thoughts and questions clearly so I fail to see what caused you to start insulting me.

So I'm a bit disappointed that another attempt for a serious exchange of thoughts and viewpoints is torpedoed, but I guess that's the live of a forum dweller.

Still, I keep believing in a better and happier world without people I do not know insulting my intelligence just because I have a wondering mind that extends beyond my own little world and shows interest in the motivations and thoughts of others. I may or may not agree with people's way of doing things, but at least I want to understand why they do it. It's my believe that this is a strong basis of any civilized civilization, because it fights dogma, misunderstanding and racism and breeds respect and knowledge.

Today I have learned if someone asks why some people want a phone with a removable battery I'll just reply that I'm not sure, but it's better not to ask or they'll get aggressive and may assault you with their lashing tongue if you're lucky or a poisonous dagger and trained ninja spiders if you are not.

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"If you say that it sucks I get this mental picture of you staring at your Nexus with a very sad face which makes me wonder why that would suck so much."

Why would you have to infer that? Why would you also keep telling to all the people that asked for a replaceable battery that they do not need it? My S2 lasts from 8am till 6pm. I need it at least till 10pm.

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