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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is so cool, and defeninitely the future of mobile phone displays. Samsung demonstrated a prototype phone with a flexible display. Flexible displays will be more resilient than the stuff we use today, and if we ever get around to developing flexible PCBs and batteries, we'll be golden. I long for sturdy, shatterproof devices.
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Comment by banatibor
by banatibor on Thu 10th Jan 2013 11:26 UTC
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I can vision a mobile device which looks like a very thick pen compared to a pen and the touch display is rolled up inside its body. You can receive or refuse calls with physical buttons and you can get informations trough a little window on the side of the device. When you need more screen just pull apart the two parts which rolls out the screen and you would get a 10" tablet, or roll it out partially if you need only a specific portion of the screen, for example to dial a number does not require a 10" screen but to watch a full hd movie surly does. I would love such a device small, compact and fully functional with very big screen at the same time.

(This idea is given freely to the world and should not be patented just implemented!!! ;) )

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RE: Comment by banatibor
by zima on Wed 16th Jan 2013 16:55 in reply to "Comment by banatibor"
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Such toys already showed up at past trade shows ...thing is, it doesn't really work, doesn't really look very practical. It makes only for a "cool" looking demo.

Books were at one point like that, too - in the form of scrolls. But we moved away from scrolls, to the present flat form.

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