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BeOS & Derivatives Ars 'reviews' Haiku, and concludes that "at the end of the day, Haiku may not be much more than an interesting diversion, something to play with on a spare bit of hardware on a rainy afternoon just for a bit of fun. But even if it amounts to no more than that, Haiku is still worth checking out." The article is a bit scant on content, but it does give me the opportunity to link to my review of Haiku alpha 1 from 3 years ago. I try Haiku every now and then to see if that review needs an update, but it always amounts to 'it got a bit more stable' - which is fantastic, but not a reason to redo it.
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RE[5]: Still...
by BallmerKnowsBest on Thu 10th Jan 2013 21:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Still..."
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Let's see if Microsoft is as diverse a Company in 10 years, or just sells XBox consoles.

If you truly think Apple is some kind of exemplar of diversity (with their whopping 7 or 8 or products), then maybe you should visit reality occasionally - instead of just getting your information from iFanboy echo-chambers.

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RE[6]: Still...
by henderson101 on Fri 11th Jan 2013 13:11 in reply to "RE[5]: Still..."
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instead of just getting your information from iFanboy echo-chambers.

Oh, grow up. I own a Nexus 7 (as well as an iPad), I'm typing this under Windows 7 on a Lenovo Thinkpad and I own 2 XBoxes, and a Wii which I use for Nexflix (no AppleTV here...) <sarcasm>Yes, obviously I'm such a fanboy it hurts.</sarcasm>

If really you have to reduce everything to a black and white argument over 2 companies, that's very sad for you. People can, you know, like more than one thing without being specifically biased... (I know shocking revelation!!!)

Rant aside - Microsoft are desperately trying to do Hardware like it is going out of fashion. If they carry on at a similar rate, 10 years from now I see it as perfectly feasible there will be no more software, outside of their potted ecosystem.

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RE[7]: Still...
by moondevil on Sat 12th Jan 2013 09:30 in reply to "RE[6]: Still..."
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The big boys seem to try to go back to the days of Hardware+Software systems, like Apple always did.

It is one way out of the OEM bloatware mess, and allows for bigger margins.

Now the question is how prices will get affected and if the consumers buy into it.

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