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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia has just sent out a few preliminary comments about the company's performance during the fourth quarter of 2012. Nokia's figures are a good indicator for how well Windows Phone 8 is doing, and, in all honesty, I'm not exactly blown away. Apparently, neither was Nokia itself, since the company decided to redefine their Asha phones from feature phone to smartphone to prop up their smartphone sales figures.
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And you have a severe problem with assuming that just because I disagree with you, I MUST be wrong. Because, you know, you are always right, and therefore, when I disagree with you, I must be wrong. That's your logic here.

But you're not right, and there is clear, incontrovertible proof of that.

Your above statement is easily refutable. Only a few days ago, we had this:

My apologies, you're right. Once every N times you admit that you're sorta, kinda, wrong.

And there have been countless instances in the past where I posted entire new articles on the front page when it turned out I was wrong. However, due to selective perception, you forget those.

I really don't think there countless, more like extremely rare, and mildly frustrating in how long it took you to correct the record.

You never admitted you were completely wrong about the WiFi reconnect speed of Windows Phones, despite being shown to be wrong. I'm supposed to cut you slack because others have been able to back you into corners better than I have? No.

I already replied to it, you just don't agree with it. Let me repeat it for you.

Windows Phone always comes in third or even fourth for developers (if it even comes in at all!), and looking at the massive amounts of developers working on iOS and/or Android only, it's clear that yes, Windows Phone is on far less developers' radars than iOS or Android.

Thank you for finally giving me somewhat of a response.

However this is completely unrelated to your statement. You stated WP7 apps are not being updated to WP8 apps, indicating a lack of developer support from existing developers. I provided reasoning for why that might be, and why it is unrelated to this supposed lack of interest.

The fact that several incredibly popular Windows Phone applications have STILL not been updated for WP8, leading to letterboxing and the like, speaks volumes about just how important Windows Phone is to developers.

Did you see my original comment? I listed reasons for this, and why it doesn't indicate a lack of developer attention per say. Sometimes it might, but not all the time, and I don't think its especially widespread.

I think you underestimate the engineering effort required at any rate.

Jesus Christ man, *Microsoft's own Weather application hasn't even been updated for WP8!*

That's likely because not many people really use it. Various other Weather Apps have been updated, including gorgeous Lockscreen Support.

But the weather app is so simplistic its just a recompile targeting WP8. That's it.

And you are trying to claim everything is just perfectly fine and peachy for Windows Phone 8? I'm sorry, but I've been using Windows Phone since the very day it was released, and I know all too well how inferior the application situation is compared to iOS and Android. Claiming it is not is so void of reality in any way, shape, or form it absolutely baffles the mind.

I'm not claiming everything is perfectly fine, just that there are explanations for some of the more severe claims you make.

If you'd like, I can compile a list of my real beefs with Windows Phone. Things that I as a developer have noticed to be egregious omissions on Microsoft's part.

I'm far from silent when it comes to such things. I'm not blind to reality, I just don't think the aforementioned reality is what you claim it is.

I don't think it was outlandish for me to ask you to address the points I made in my comment in their entirety. If the situation were reversed, I'd gladly reply to all your points, specifically. Point by point.

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You stated WP7 apps are not being updated to WP8 apps, indicating a lack of developer support from existing developers.

Eh, no, you clearly didn't read correctly. Let me copy the relevant paragraph, and highlight the part you missed.

"Right now, it's basically the desktop Linux of the smartphone world, and it still shows in application selection and quality. Windows Phone 8 was released months ago, and yet many popular applications still haven't been updated to properly support it. It just isn't on developers' radars."

The update-for-WP8 is just an example, nothing more, nothing less. The lead statement is the part I made bold. In other words, all this stems from a misunderstanding because you missed a crucial bit of text. That's fine, happens to the best of us.

This means your reasons - while all valid in one way or another, I'm sure - just aren't particularly relevant to the not-on-the-radar issue, since they only cover a small part of it (lack of WQP8 updates), and not the core issue (lack of applications and their quality).

Can we please talk about something happy now? Like, how awesome Windows Phone 8 is compared to those mobile operating systems for mere peasants? ;)

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Thom, just ignore him. I already had a brush with him, but I gave up after he just kept on twisting things on and on and on.

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