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Games The Verge got to interview Valve's CEO, Gabe Newell, and the priceless quotes are just flying left and right. "We'll come out with our own and we'll sell it to consumers by ourselves. That'll be a Linux box, [and] if you want to install Windows you can. We're not going to make it hard. This is not some locked box by any stretch of the imagination." Others will be making Steambox devices too. Also: "Windows 8 was like this giant sadness. It just hurts everybody in the PC business. [...] When I started using it I was like 'oh my god...' I find [Windows 8] unusable." This last point is something I agree with vehemently. Can't comment on Windows 8 on tablets, but on regular PCs it's a schizophrenic, unusable clusterduck. It got me to switch back to Mac and use KDE (on my laptop). Let that sink in for a while.
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by ssokolow on Fri 11th Jan 2013 02:36 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Comment"
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This is a very extreme usecase: A desktop which doesn't have a trackpad (Because its not a Laptop) and a user who in is having very specific issues.

I'll accept "very specific issues" but we'll have to agree to disagree on the "doesn't have a trackpad" being an extreme case.

I hate those things and, if I have to buy a laptop, I always spend the extra time finding a laptop that has a touchpoint/micro-joystick and either no touchpad or a BIOS kill-switch for it. (I prefer to use that region on a laptop as a palm rest while typing or using the touchpoint.)

I think you make a critical mistake in believing that because I suggested a specific solution for someone, that it is an essential part of using Windows 8. It isn't.

Perhaps. Either way, we don't need to waste more time arguing over whether or not we're on the same page.

I think this is a strawman, in fact, I say that the people crying over Unity are extremely nearsighted. In fact, I take that supposed criticism and invert it a bit in that I say that Linux is inferior because it has a userbase that amounts to petulant children who chastise developers trying to bring Linux up to par.

I never said Unity is bad. I said it was released before it was ready and that, at minimum, shows disrespect for the users' needs. A lot of distros made a similar mistake with KDE 4.0 because the KDE developers did a terrible job of indicating what was a developer preview.

These days, my only significant problem with Unity is the same problem I've had with MacOS since I first encountered it as a kid in the System 6.x days:

I think detaching menu bars from their associated windows is bad design, even if it doesn't auto-hide the way Unity does it.

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