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General Development "For years I've tried my damnedest to get away from C. Too simple, too many details to manage, too old and crufty, too low level. I've had intense and torrid love affairs with Java, C++, and Erlang. I've built things I'm proud of with all of them, and yet each has broken my heart. They've made promises they couldn't keep, created cultures that focus on the wrong things, and made devastating tradeoffs that eventually make you suffer painfully. And I keep crawling back to C."
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RE: Objective-C
by dorin.lazar on Sat 12th Jan 2013 13:00 UTC in reply to "Objective-C"
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1) There are two classes implementing collections (NSArray, NSDictionary), not a bajillion.

And are you sure you don't need other data structures? Like, you know, trees & such? Bitmaps?

2) The garbage collector is extremely predictable (ref counts).

You can write C++ code without ever using delete, using things like smart pointers (ref counted).

3) The class hierarchy is very shallow (at most 1-2 superclasses for 95% of the entire library), so it's easy to memorize.

The point of a framework is to offer you features, not to be small. You don't need to memorize it. You should always be able to access the documentation. Qt is this sort of framework that is elegant and can help you write clean code.

When did lack of features became such a great thing?

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