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Windows Well, this can't be a good sign. Samsung has told CNET that the company will not be launching its Windows RT tablet in the United States, citing a lack of demand and consumer confusion. After I spent an afternoon in my country's largest electronics retailer, it's hard not to agree with Samsung.
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Probably too soon
by WorknMan on Sat 12th Jan 2013 23:47 UTC
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Right now, it's probably too soon to be pimping Windows RT tablets, as there just aren't a lot of interesting apps out there. Perhaps if the whole Windows 8 ecosystem takes off on the desktop ...

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RE: Probably too soon
by unoengborg on Sun 13th Jan 2013 00:39 in reply to "Probably too soon"
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I fail to see how that would help. Windows 8 on the desktop will be Intel based. It is likely that a lot of Windows 8 software never will ship in versions compiled for the RT version as this will be a much smaller userbase. Chanses are the RT platform will see the same succes as Windows NT for PowerPC.

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RE[2]: Probably too soon
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Sun 13th Jan 2013 02:23 in reply to "RE: Probably too soon"
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Well,everyone using windows 8 will be exposed to the metro interface and the windows store. Microsoft's. Hope and dream is that people will get their software from the store. If that starts happening then windows rt on arm starts making sense.

I almost received surface instead of a nexus for Christmas. The giver was being heavily pestered by the sales guy to get the surface. I imagine a number of people ended up getting them as gifts, from people who didn't understand it wasn't capable of running all windows programs.

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RE[2]: Probably too soon
by _txf_ on Sun 13th Jan 2013 04:29 in reply to "RE: Probably too soon"
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It is likely that a lot of Windows 8 software never will ship in versions compiled for the RT version.

Lest we forget if you currently have a windows app, you're going to have to completely remake it for windowsRT, it isn't simply a matter of compiling, or even making a new interface.

After all even MS can't do it for Office, why should anybody else ...they did hack in some touch related crap before recompiling office and dumping it on the tablets.

Sure they'll eventually get around doing a metro version, but it is mightily unfair that MS is allowed keep the desktop just for office but nobody else can use it...

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