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Windows Well, this can't be a good sign. Samsung has told CNET that the company will not be launching its Windows RT tablet in the United States, citing a lack of demand and consumer confusion. After I spent an afternoon in my country's largest electronics retailer, it's hard not to agree with Samsung.
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RE[5]: Comment by Nelson
by saso on Sun 13th Jan 2013 19:34 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Nelson"
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Yawn.... a comparison to ARM, how surprising.

$50 over 10 years = $5 per year. Businesses spend more on toilet paper.

How many industries offer you products that exponentially increase in power while decreasing in price?

Calling Intel cpus overpriced is the epitome of First World Problems.

($50-$21) x 50 million units = $1.45 billion. You try explain to your company execs why you want to spend an extra billion and a half dollars on a project with little to no added benefit, and you'll get laughed out the door.

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RE[6]: Comment by Nelson
by ze_jerkface on Mon 14th Jan 2013 17:33 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Nelson"
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50 million units? Which company would that be? Wal-mart is the largest employer and they have around 2 million employees.

Nice try though.

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