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Windows Well, this can't be a good sign. Samsung has told CNET that the company will not be launching its Windows RT tablet in the United States, citing a lack of demand and consumer confusion. After I spent an afternoon in my country's largest electronics retailer, it's hard not to agree with Samsung.
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RE[3]: Windows tablet?
by WereCatf on Sun 13th Jan 2013 23:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Windows tablet?"
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I can't exactly speak for him, but who knows--maybe there really *is* no value in a Windows-based tablet for him?

But he never stated that he was talking about him, it was written like he meant that there's no value in a Windows-based tablet in general. The thing is, a Windows 8 - tablet can do more-or-less all the same thing an Android - or an iOS - one can -- atleast when the amount of available software catches up -- so in general there's either value in all of them or none of them. The difference in value then mostly boils down to hardware-features, with a cheap tablet being the optimal point for some and an expensive one being the optimal point for others.

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RE[4]: Windows tablet?
by cdude on Mon 14th Jan 2013 04:13 in reply to "RE[3]: Windows tablet?"
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It seems majority agrees with him and not you since majorty doesn't buy a windows phone or tablet but Android and iOS. Taken that into account I think his opinion is closer to the majority of customers (>95% that is) then your opinion is.

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