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BeOS & Derivatives Ars 'reviews' Haiku, and concludes that "at the end of the day, Haiku may not be much more than an interesting diversion, something to play with on a spare bit of hardware on a rainy afternoon just for a bit of fun. But even if it amounts to no more than that, Haiku is still worth checking out." The article is a bit scant on content, but it does give me the opportunity to link to my review of Haiku alpha 1 from 3 years ago. I try Haiku every now and then to see if that review needs an update, but it always amounts to 'it got a bit more stable' - which is fantastic, but not a reason to redo it.
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RE[4]: PowerPC Support
by zima on Mon 14th Jan 2013 19:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: PowerPC Support"
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The BeBox, had it succeeded, would have been a very nice platform. The hardware was lovely at the time. The standard ISA and PCI BUS was fantastic, it could use standard 72pin RAM, almost any graphics card that had a driver - PC or Mac... these things were great

So BeBox was just like a PC ...except using weird CPUs? ;) (could it be that my dual Pentium II 266 is a better BeBox than BeBox? ;) )

And while PowerPC perhaps seemed like a good bet at the time, we now know it really wasn't one... Pentium and Pentium Pro were probably good hints of things to come, potential viability of other platforms.

Apple CEO at the time thinks it was "probably one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made, not going to the Intel platform," ( ) and instead opting for PPC.

At least ARM seems really viable now ...oh well, we'll wait and see.

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