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In the News It's the beginning of the year, so the Consumer Electronics Show is currently in full swing in the awesome city of Las Vegas. The thing is though - there's so much, pardon my Dutch, crap being announced it's hard to keep up. I have yet to see a single interesting thing to come out at CES so far, and I have little hope the next few days are going to be any better. That NVIDIA mobile gaming thing is mildly interesting, but as usual - no price, no release date. The Verge is spending loads of money on CES, so it has excellent coverage going on. Let's have a contest: if three months from now any of you can name three products announced at this year's CES (without cheating), I will force myself to use iOS for a week.
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by zima on Mon 14th Jan 2013 22:22 UTC in reply to "Comment by lucas_maximus"
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The high powered gaming consoles rarely do well, the only two hand helds that have done quite well are the various incarnations of the gameboy and the DS, both by nintendo.

There is another category of handhelds which did quite well - LCD games with just one game. That includes, yes, Nintendo Game & Watch and its clones ...but also dedicated tetris handhelds (like this one ). They were quite popular in the 90s in less affluent places (I suppose they might be still easily found in Spain); cloned by many small manufacturers, so numbers aren't really known, it's all anecdotal.

And yes, they also demonstrate that low powered gaming consoles do better.

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