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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "In December, the Google Nexus made by Taiwan's Asustek Computer Inc. accounted for 44.4% of all tablet sales by volume electronics retailers. That's according to a survey of 2,400 stores nationwide by market research firm BCN Inc., released Wednesday. Google's figure beat Apple's 40.1% share, dethroning the iPad for the first time since it went on sale in May 2010." Just as I and many others with me predicted, what happened in the smartphone market will also happen in the tablet market: Android will take the numbers, iOS will take the figures (i.e., profit). As far as I know, this is the first time this has actually materialised fully in a market, though. Also, while it was inevitable that Android would overtake iOS on tablets (even if it is just a single country, for now), I don't think anyone predicted it would be a single model? Colour me impressed (which is pink).
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<3 Asus
by JAlexoid on Fri 18th Jan 2013 16:22 UTC
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Though not known for exceptional quality, they are the company that actually has consistent business policies. Nexus 7 is available everywhere for a price that is reasonable. Where is Nexus 10? Where is Nexus 4(or Optimus G for that matter)?

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RE: <3 Asus
by No it isnt on Fri 18th Jan 2013 18:16 in reply to "<3 Asus"
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Not known for exceptional quality? Then again, who is? Back in the 90s, lots of people always recommended Asus motherboards as they were problem free and rock solid. I've certainly had few problems with mine. I know I saw Asus top some chart of laptop reliability as well. It's perhaps not exceptional, but Asus generally produces good quality.

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RE[2]: <3 Asus
by aaronb on Fri 18th Jan 2013 22:08 in reply to "RE: <3 Asus"
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Tell that to the yellow screen of my Nexus 7 (2 of 2 units have this issue). Other than that problem it is a great tablet.

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RE[2]: <3 Asus
by Wafflez on Fri 18th Jan 2013 22:42 in reply to "RE: <3 Asus"
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Ah yes, those were the days when buying a product from some manufacturer resulted in a quality product by default.

Nowadays all manufacturers have released both shitty and "rock solid" products, you're buying a cat in a bag.

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RE: <3 Asus
by p13. on Sat 19th Jan 2013 09:08 in reply to "<3 Asus"
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The nexus 7 16GB is 269 euros here (Belgium), that's about 360 bucks.
Google rips us off worse than apple. Apple just figures one dollar = one euro, google just doesn't even care about our market ... so the distributors and middle-men do their thing and collude ... as they've always done here in Europe.

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RE[2]: <3 Asus
by henderson101 on Sat 19th Jan 2013 21:09 in reply to "RE: <3 Asus"
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The Nexus 7 in the UK is more or less the dollar equivalent, plus VAT and import duty. The 32GB is £199, which is about $315, the US is $249, but when you add on 20% VAT that works out to $298. As we will have also added import duty on top, that price is pretty close.

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RE[2]: <3 Asus
by JAlexoid on Mon 21st Jan 2013 04:57 in reply to "RE: <3 Asus"
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When did you check last? Or is it at your local electronics store that ads it's own margin... (Alternatively take a train to Netherlands and buy a 32GB there for €250)

Because the price of a 32GB Nexus7 is very much consistent in most countries I've been to.

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