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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "In December, the Google Nexus made by Taiwan's Asustek Computer Inc. accounted for 44.4% of all tablet sales by volume electronics retailers. That's according to a survey of 2,400 stores nationwide by market research firm BCN Inc., released Wednesday. Google's figure beat Apple's 40.1% share, dethroning the iPad for the first time since it went on sale in May 2010." Just as I and many others with me predicted, what happened in the smartphone market will also happen in the tablet market: Android will take the numbers, iOS will take the figures (i.e., profit). As far as I know, this is the first time this has actually materialised fully in a market, though. Also, while it was inevitable that Android would overtake iOS on tablets (even if it is just a single country, for now), I don't think anyone predicted it would be a single model? Colour me impressed (which is pink).
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Yet I'm not speaking on a pro side. My parents are getting far much comfortable and confident with the Asus TF300T I offered them for Xmas than the Windows 7 laptop I offered them 1 year before.

Installing a software is super easy and clean (as well as uninstalling), no freaking toolbars, wake up time is instantaneous, they do not fear using is as much as using Windows and scrambling everything.

The UI is simple and crystal clear, the most obvious functions are at hand reach, unlike many "pro" software with anti-ergonomic UI that nest functions into sub menus, tabbed dialog boxes, etc...

Sure, a tablet will not replace a "pro" computer. However, 95% of current users are not "pro", thus a tablet is far enough and far more adapted. Making CGI on a tablet is sure a killer, but those are improving.

Further more than I ever expected.

So, well, I "feel" that something is coming soon. Apple opened the way with some adapted consumers' products, Android refined them and is more adapted to "pro" consumers (app / data / files). With the Galaxy 10 things are focusing.

If only the marketing people at Google were not as short sighted and tight assed, they would have provided their Nexus line with a fucking microSDHC and a microHDMI port ! Like it would cost 50 bucks more ?

Just to push their online storage products... Stupid marketing people, stupid ! Go to the couch, stay !


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