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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The first computers were gigantic, filling rooms and requiring constant care and maintenance. [...] The computer stayed on the desk until the laptop computer, a smaller, more portable, but just as powerful machine, made it nearly obsolete. And then, the iPhone was released, followed shortly after by Android and the Palm WebOS, and the next step in computing was clear. What we did not immediately understand was if mobile computing was an accessory, or a replacement, for the traditional desktop machines." Jon-Buys at Ostatic believes the phone-becomes-computer paradigm is the next step.
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RE: I actually really did LOL
by galvanash on Mon 21st Jan 2013 21:16 UTC in reply to "I actually really did LOL"
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Of course smart phones are computers.

I'm pretty sure the article is specifically talking about "Personal Computing" as is the modern status quo - desktops with keyboards, mice, and monitors...

You might want to read up on the feature set of Ubuntu Phone before you comment further. Yes, the iPhone is and was certainly a computer, but so was the average PDA that predated it. What it isn't is a functional replacement for you PC - and it has never in the last 6 years tried to be one...

An Ubuntu Phone device IS trying to be a functional PC replacement. Whether it succeeds or not is a different story - but your cavalier response that this is "obvious" neglects to acknowledge that this is the opposite of what Apple is trying to do with iPhones and iPads.

Apple is either trying to replace PCs with something completely different, or they are content with it being a companion device. An Unbuntu Phone is trying to make one device that fulfills both roles, a portable computing device AND a conventional desktop PC.

Well see how it goes. I'm not saying it will work, and it certainly isn't a new idea. But neither was a touch screen portable communication device... Just as with Apple's success, it boils down to timing and execution.

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