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Windows The Verge has a learned a few interesting things about Google deprecating EAS and how this will affect Windows Phone users. As it turns out, Google informed Microsoft it was planning to remove EAS in the summer of last year, but without giving a firm date. Microsoft has been trying to get a six-month extension from Google, but so far with no luck. In the meantime, Microsoft is also working on adding CardDAV and CalDAV support to Windows Phone - so yay open standards.
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really - what's wrong with *DAV?
by project_2501 on Mon 21st Jan 2013 23:04 UTC
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I've heard some sentiment that the DAV protocols aren't as good / useful as ActiveSync.

Appreciate if someone can reply with information as to the truth of this?

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The problem is that ActiveSync generates income for MS and allows them to exclude competitors, and DAV generates no direct income for MS. Also, they lose control over who connects to their systems so they have little interest in supporting it.

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The *DAV suite is actually very nice, and in some ways better than Microsoft's alternative.

I believe more people criticize IMAP (rightly so) for not having a true push solution.

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What's wrong with IMAP IDLE?

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