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Windows The Verge has a learned a few interesting things about Google deprecating EAS and how this will affect Windows Phone users. As it turns out, Google informed Microsoft it was planning to remove EAS in the summer of last year, but without giving a firm date. Microsoft has been trying to get a six-month extension from Google, but so far with no luck. In the meantime, Microsoft is also working on adding CardDAV and CalDAV support to Windows Phone - so yay open standards.
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I think I'll reiterate again, that these are my own personal views. I replied to your original comment out of an abundance of generosity, because it was largely besides my point.

Let me bold it this time for you. You not seeing the point in the argument is because there isn't one, it was pointlessly initiated by you.

I have never claimed to speak for Microsoft, or much cared about their definition because I am not tied to them. If they agree with me, great, if they don't, then I want to know why, and have raised questions to that end.

This is what you do though, you reply with an aside and don't really answer any of the questions raised on the issue.

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Jesus H. tap dancing Christ on a rusty Pogo stick, you really have a difficult time understanding the concept that reality and your own personal opinion are not the same, even when they are diametrically opposed. Do you?

You made a claim, I pointed out that you were somewhat wrong: something being documented is not the same as it being "open." EAS has some documentation, but it is not neither standard nor open as far as Microsoft is concerned, end of discussion. Again, I have no clue what your tangential red herrings and projection has to do with any of that...

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