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Google "Google's fourth-quarter earnings rose 7 percent as online advertisers spent more money in pursuit of holiday shoppers. The financial results announced Tuesday were a mixed bag. While the company's earnings topped analyst estimates, an accounting quirk caused net revenue to fall below the projections that guide investor expectations."
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RE: Financial earnings
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 22nd Jan 2013 23:14 UTC in reply to "Financial earnings"
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I have been posting them since always, and of all three major companies (Microsoft, Google, Apple). There's a very simple reason why.

If I don't, I'll get slammed for being biased by idiots who assume that because their precious pet company's results weren't posted I must be biased against it or for its competitors. Same thing if I never post them but only if they have a bad quarter (because, as you say, that's actually news). So, I just post them all as-is so none of those idiots can complain.

Simple, huh?

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RE[2]: Financial earnings
by delta0.delta0 on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 02:58 in reply to "RE: Financial earnings"
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and yet no one really cares... :-D

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RE[3]: Financial earnings
by Neolander on Wed 23rd Jan 2013 07:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Financial earnings"
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That's the point, I think. No one cares about the presence of such news, only about their absence.

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