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Opera Software This is actually pretty big news - both exciting and tragic at the same time. Opera has revealed Opera Ice, its next mobile browser, to PocketLint. This new browser represent a big shift in both user interface as well as rendering engine, since it has a new, unique interface, as well as a new rendering engine... New to Opera, that is, as it's a WebKit-browser.
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There will always be some guy somewhere who hates whatever is the latest version of whatever application you are looking at.

I never stated that it was anything other than a personal opinion. People use software in different ways, so are effected differently by significant changes to that software.

In my experience, people like you who complain about complaints are just as likely to kick up a fuss when it's your favourite features that are broken.

A solution to this would be for developers not to make radical changes to the UI without allowing customisation, not to break useful existing features, and to fix newly introduced bugs quickly and efficiently. In my opinion Opera Software have failed pretty miserably at that.

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