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Linux "If you consider NetApplications' data set, then Linux owns only about 1 percent of the desktop OS market and Windows has almost 92 percent. But if you consider all computing platforms, including mobile, than Windows has only 20 percent and Linux has 42 percent - and that would be in the form of Google's Android alone." No more or less legitimate than claiming Windows owns 92% of the market. It's all a matter of perspective.
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RE[9]: Linux is a kernel
by winter skies on Thu 24th Jan 2013 10:07 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Linux is a kernel"
winter skies
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What are you saying? That KDE- and DigiKam-developers are incompetent and therefore can't get DigiKam working properly? I'd say that's quite an insult. I have no idea why you'd think it'd be fun. Personally I trust their word when they say it works.

WTH? If you didn't try to twist my words, you'd know I'm saying precisely what I'm saying and NOT what you're making me say.
It's as simple as this. There's no other freaking application that crashes at startup _both_ on my Win 7 (using digikam-installer) PC _and_ on my Snow Leopard iMac (installing from MacPorts) like digiKam does. I love digiKam and would like to use it, but I cannot do that on my computers. I currently can't use Linux because I'm doing a lot of [pretty advanced] CAD work.

Glad it works for you. It does not on my computers. Even after deleting all old db's and leftovers. Is it enough?
Sorry for not making my point clearer - I was just saying that some applications offer a much more streamlined experience (wrt both installation and use) on Linux than on other, closed OSs. It might be like that because Qt + KDE libraries + digiKam make for a very complex setup. I don't know. I'm not really a novice and have some experience dating back to pkgsrc on NetBSD 1.6, so I've got some (very) basic skills.
I still can't get what qualifies my post as an insult to Digikam developers. You may need to chill out.

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RE[10]: Linux is a kernel
by winter skies on Thu 24th Jan 2013 10:15 in reply to "RE[9]: Linux is a kernel"
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I just regret not making it clearer that I was referring to my own experience in the beginning, and not making absolute statements. Anyway, for the average user more than for me, a piece of software works or does not. There's no grey area between those two cases. This disqualifies the experience of some open source, originally Linux-centric applications on Windows and OS X for me. It's not the same. That's it. No need for statements to be taken as insults.

EDIT: Moreover, I find digiKam to be an amazing piece of software.

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