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Linux After about a year of work, the ArchLinux distribution now offers a variant running on the FreeBSD kernel. Says the developer, "Why would I do this? If like me, you enjoy FreeBSD and love it, but also like the philosophy behind Arch Linux, which is a fast, lightweight, optimized distro, I figured why not combine the both. Even though you could just do it on FreeBSD using the ports, not everyone wants to compile." This now puts Arch in the same category as Debian with Debian GNU/KFreeBSD, which offers a Debian userland on top of a FreeBSD kernel.
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RE[7]: Arch BSD, right?
by darknexus on Fri 25th Jan 2013 23:03 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Arch BSD, right?"
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The Librarian of Congress has also made Jailbreaking legal

Only partially. Want to jailbreak your phone, go ahead. Want to jailbreak your iPod, your Tablet or, perhaps in the future, your PC? Too bad, you're a criminal! Plus, it's anyone's guess how long even the legal jailbreaking of phones will stand, seeing as how jailbreaking is usually the first step to third-party unlocking.

and ripping DVDs fair use, so its not all bad.

Not exactly. They've said that you are permitted, if creating a remix video or other artistic work, to rip clips from protected DVDs. The request for an exemption to rip entire DVDs and transcode them has been requested for years, and to this date, is still denied. Not that anyone actually cares, of course.

The DMCA is just terrible though.

On that point, we are in complete agreement.

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