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Games It seems to have so far escaped OSNews' notice (if the top few hits for a site-search for 'Steam' is any indication) that Steam for Linux is now in Open Beta; you can get the Linux steam client from So far, they appear to only be making an Ubuntu .deb available, and the client will require closed-source GPU drivers in order to work.
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RE[2]: Comment by Darkmage
by Spiron on Wed 30th Jan 2013 07:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Darkmage"
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Take another look. The majority of the newer cards have most of their features implemented or in progress, with only Video Decoding, TV output, Video input and SLI not implement for NV50 and NVC0 cards series. the main one with the redblocks are the absolute newest cards series.

Read into the details and you would avoid this sort of a mess

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RE[3]: Comment by Darkmage
by lucas_maximus on Wed 30th Jan 2013 12:47 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Darkmage"
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All the kinda things you want from a premium graphics card. Nvidia's Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD drivers have been far better than Open Equivalents for 3D for ages, especially in terms of performance.

I use Nouveau on Fedora because I do my gaming in Windows and it is fine for desktop stuff, but I wouldn't want to play any Triple A games on it.

Titles like Crysis 2 and FarCry 3 pretty much take any system resources you got (I have a GeForce 660 GTX card and one of the better Core 2 duo chips, and it uses anything it can grab).

Crysis 3 gets launched next month and I am pretty sure I will have to over-clock the CPU.

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