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Microsoft Microsoft has released Office 365 Home Premium. Ars has a review up: "Just like Windows 8, this cloud-tethered version of Office may have a hard time convincing home users it's time to upgrade. There are many useful new features in some of the most heavily used applications of Office, and the new add-in apps provide a useful way to pull external content into documents and presentations. The real question is whether customers - especially consumers - will buy into the service format." You're looking at EUR 100 per year for Office 365 Home Premium. Sure, it's for five PCs - but one, who has that many PCs these days other than families, two, even among those families, how many need Office for five PCs, three, who doesn't buy Office once and just installs it on all PCs in the house, and four, you can't use it for commercial stuff. In other words, virtually everyone is better off buying regular, non-subscription Office 2013 Home & Student. You pay EUR 139 once (instead of EUR 100 every year), and it's yours forever. I really don't understand who the subscription service is for - it's screaming for a single-license, EUR 25 per year option. Also, lose that ridiculous non-commercial bullshit.
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Comment by Chris_G
by Chris_G on Wed 30th Jan 2013 12:31 UTC
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I got a chance to play with Office 2013 last night.

It's nice, but its OpenDocument support has regressed. It steadfastly refuses to retain graphs when converting between ods to xlsx. I actually had to use a machine with Office 2010 to perform the conversion, and then transfer the resulting file back over. That worked perfectly.

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