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Apple Well, this is either incredibly sad or utterly hilarious. Apple will stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe on 1 March... Because it doesn't comply with "new" European regulations that will come into effect that day. I say "new" between quotation marks because said regulation was announced four years ago. The regulation deals with increased protection requirements concerning electrical ports and fan guards. "The new requirements necessitate fan guards and some increased protection on the ports on the electrical system," explained Apple, "Because Mac Pro is not compliant with the regulations, we do want to meet that regulation and therefore not offer Mac Pro beyond 1 March." So, a standards body is faster at updating its standards than Apple is at updating its Mac Pro. It illustrates just how much Apple cares about pro users. The last significant update to the Mac Pro occurred in 2010, but Tim Cook did promise an update to the product later in 2013.
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RE: *sigh*
by ndrw on Thu 31st Jan 2013 20:09 UTC in reply to "*sigh*"
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RF burns in my ear canal

Is that even possible?

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RE[2]: *sigh*
by tessmonsta on Thu 31st Jan 2013 20:18 in reply to "RE: *sigh*"
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Ungrounded transmitter -> UPS -> 2A USB charger -> Nexus One -> headphones -> ear.

Also made my phone crash.

Admittedly, it was stupid of me to operate the TX without grounding it properly. I was in an apartment at the time with no access to a ground rod, and no proper house grounding. I had run an antenna radial into the apartment which probably induced the current as well. Granted, it was a portable transmitter, so it could operate without a ground if necessary. My current set-up is a lot safer. Thank the Universe I was running QRP at 5 watts instead of a QRO or 100 or I would have needed a run to the hospital.

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RE[3]: *sigh*
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 31st Jan 2013 20:59 in reply to "RE[2]: *sigh*"
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I'm glad you're okay, but I don't understand what you were doing. What kind of a transmitter were you using? What was the purpose of hooking it up?

Like a am/fm radio transmitter or an wifi transmitter? Ham radio maybe? What was the relationship between that and the nexus? They just happened to plugged in the same UPS?

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RE[3]: *sigh*
by jared_wilkes on Thu 31st Jan 2013 21:46 in reply to "RE[2]: *sigh*"
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I voted funny because this is utterly retarded.

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RE[3]: *sigh*
by M.Onty on Fri 1st Feb 2013 11:57 in reply to "RE[2]: *sigh*"
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I think its fair to suggest that your operating methods were more of a health hazard than the industrial regulation in that instance.

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