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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Dell today announced it has signed a definitive merger agreement under which Michael Dell, Dell's Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in partnership with global technology investment firm Silver Lake, will acquire Dell." So, Dell has gone private, and Microsoft has contributed a $2 billion loan to the deal.
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RE: Comment by dizmal
by tkeith on Tue 5th Feb 2013 20:12 UTC in reply to "Comment by dizmal"
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in short the premise of Jean-Louis Gassée article is:
"Dell wants to go private because it plans to alter its business model in ways that would scare nervous, short-term Wall Street shareholders [...] Dell no longer likes its legacy PC business and has made efforts to re-position itself as an enterprise player (expensive iron, software and services). Going private will allow it to perform the needed surgery, stanch the bleeding, and reemerge with a much stronger income statement, rid of low-margin commodity PCs."

Why not get out of "commodity" computers, but still make PCs. Kind of like Apple only makes a few difference models, with minor addons. Make a low end model with no options for people looking for something cheap, a midline model with a few options and a workstation. It would cut overhead and still allow you to have an option for a company that wants to get everything from one place.

Not disagreeing with you, just adding to your comment.

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