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Windows And there we are - the Surface Pro reviews are in. Reading through them all, there's clearly a common theme, and it's not particularly positive. We're a few months in now, so I think we can finally call it: Windows 8 and Surface are the wrong way to go.
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Windows ME --> Windows XP
Windows Vista --> Windows 7
Xbox --> Xbox 360

Give 'em an iteration.

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Tee hee, although I think you've forgotten Windows 2000 as the antidote to Windows ME.

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Windows ME --> Windows XP
Windows Vista --> Windows 7
Xbox --> Xbox 360

Give 'em an iteration.

Yeah, maybe. I find it utterly shocking that they keep getting these second chances.

How about succeeding on the first try?

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New age is more:
CE => good
WP7 => failure
WP8 => failure
RT => failure
Pro => failure
WP9/RT2/Pro2 => ?

We may look at a permanent loser here or not. How much more iterations they need is still open. It may the case they never will succeed. I wouldn't wonder.

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It generally takes MS 3 tries to be successful:

MS-DOS 3.x
Windows 3.x
Windows 98SE (third major release of 9x OS)
Windows 2000 (third NT release)
Windows 7 (third release of the combined consumer OS)

They've released a tonne of mobile phone OSes without much success, although WP8 is the third major design/release in as many years.

So it'll be the next Surface product that succeeds (RT, Pro, ??).

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One minor quibble though:

Windows 98SE (third major release of 9x OS)

There were a few editions of Win95 as well (albeit only sold as OEM discs rather than retail).

95SE was actually pretty tolerable. I genuinely preferred it to Win98. Though even back then I wasn't the biggest fan of Windows (the only Windows OS I've truly loved was Win2000).

While we're on the topic of Windows versions, I've always looked at it like Star Trek movies (alternating between good and bad)

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