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OSNews, Generic OSes FreeDOS - the drop-in, open source replacement for MS-DOS - was started after Microsoft announced that starting from Windows 95, DOS would play a background role at best for users. Almost two decades later, FreeDOS has survived and, as its creator explains in the interview, is still being actively developed, despite achieving its initial aim of an MS-DOS compatible OS, which quite frankly is somewhat amazing.
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by judgen on Wed 6th Feb 2013 19:59 UTC
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Doscore is actually at the point where it is very usable as a Desktop. Installed ontop of Freedos or eDrDOS (for that lovely USB support) It is great for me, small speedy and cost almost nothing.

Finding suitable hardware can be tricky nowadays though.

I would not use it as my standard desktop, but as it is fully compatible with the old PLC devices i program i boot into it now and then since regular DOS has no multitasking what so ever whilst doscore has pseudo multitasking.

The reason i mention it is that whilst OS/2 is better at virtually everything DOS has some benefits.

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by PaxD75 on Thu 7th Feb 2013 10:50 in reply to "DOSCore"
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I like the work DOSCore is doing. Also following another 'distro' that has opted, instead, to use 4dos as its' command processor - LightDOS.

It's nice to see continued development in this area by both FreeDOS and 3rd-parties working on some fun solutions. Good interview by Jim Hall in that he continues to see the project moving forward - beyond fulfilling the original goals of DOS compatibility.

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