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Games "Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft's next generation console have told us that although the next Xbox will be absolutely committed to online functionality, games will still be made available to purchase in physical form. Next Xbox games will be manufactured on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs, Microsoft having conceded defeat to Sony following its ill-fated backing of the HD-DVD format. It is believed that games purchased on disc will ship with activation codes, and will have no value beyond the initial user." Crap like this should be illegal. If I can't buy second-hand games at my local favourite game store, Microsoft can shove this new Xbox where the sun don't shine. Which it obviously doesn't do in Redmond if they can come up with this kind of user-hostile bullshit. You can pretty much guarantee that they have made a silent agreement with Sony to implement similar anti-user feature on the next Playstation.
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Games are expensive because they have to be printed on media, packaged and distributed. Add to that the fact that retailers will take a cut.

Game production is where the expense comes in, distribution barely plays a role in the direct costs.

Where digital distribution has the potential to help is in increasing the number of impulse purchases.

This is risky for the publisher, though, because they need to lower the price in order to help encourage impulse buying on the internet and this means less profit per sale, so they need to hope that the tactic is successful.

The real problem publishers have is when they cease to support older, but still relatively popular, games.

These include games like Age of Empires and Battlefield 2. These games are still HEAVILY played - even though both require extra trickery to get them to work properly with Windows 7/8. Battlefield 2, in fact, can be quite tricky to get running on Windows 7 x64 - and is probably the last quality FPS capable of being played on the LAN without an internet connection... granted you need to use tricks to do that.

I can buy either of those games for $5 today, but I'd GLADLY pay $20 for an updated version that had the latest patches incorporated as well as proper patches for the compatibility issues - and I'm certainly not alone.

Publishers are losing out on additional revenue because they want everyone focusing on The Next Big Thing...

--The loon

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Heroes of Might & Magic 3!

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