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Google "No, there's only one area where Android falls really, horribly, undeniably short when it comes to the tablet form factor: The web browser. It's the most fundamental tablet app, IMHO, and yet the web experience on Android could not possibly be worse." This, right here, is it. On my Nexus 7 - there's not a single decent web browser. Not one. The stock browser? Crashes a lot. Chrome? Slow, touch-unfriendly UI, laggy, and locks up all the time. Everything else uses non-standard UIs are, are plain buggy, are also slow, or any combination of the three - and yes, this includes your favourite browser. I've been through them all. Just yesterday I loaded up my iPhone 3GS, and Safari was like a dream. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8? Buttery smooth and excellent UI. How Google - a web company - can let this situation persist is beyond me.
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RE: Tegra 2
by WereCatf on Mon 11th Feb 2013 00:23 UTC in reply to "Tegra 2"
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His major problem with chrome is performance, which probably has a lot to do with the Tegra 2 in his xoom.

I can attest to that. The Tegra 2 on my Iconia Tab A500 feels exceedingly sluggish even with CM10, and even then it's miles ahead of what it was with the stock ROM. Compared to my Galaxy Note 1 the difference is like night and day, even though they're both similarly-clocked and both are dual-core.

It was a really bad decision on NVIDIA's part to leave NEON out of Tegra 2, plus they made a few other short-sighted architectural decisions with it. One of those is the fact that Tegra 2 was designed to support hardware-acceleration in landscape-mode and even then only in one direction -- all other modes and directions suffer a performance hit. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's something many a ROM designer has tried to work around.

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