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General Development "I feel like writing about the Go programming language (or 'Golang') today, so instead today's topic is computer stuff. For the record, the language I've programmed the most in has been Python, so that’s the perspective I'm analyzing it from." Some good and bad things about Go.
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RE[3]: Meh
by satsujinka on Tue 12th Feb 2013 17:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Meh"
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As I said, I keep meaning to get around to looking at D, but safe by default and meta-programming aren't things that are new to me (so there's not really much motivation to learn.)

Of the things you listed for Rust, sum types are really the only thing I miss in Go... and it's hardly worth learning a language for a feature that can be found better elsewhere.

Really, I only learned Go because of it's built in co-routine syntax. I felt it was as good of a place as any to really buckle down on concurrency (since I don't have to do much/any in my day job.)

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RE[4]: Meh
by shmerl on Tue 12th Feb 2013 17:55 in reply to "RE[3]: Meh"
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Rust is more flexible than Go, since it gives an option to manage memory when needed.

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RE[5]: Meh
by satsujinka on Tue 12th Feb 2013 18:07 in reply to "RE[4]: Meh"
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That's fine, but it's not a feature that's unique to Rust. So that's not really going to motivate me.

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