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General Development "I feel like writing about the Go programming language (or 'Golang') today, so instead today's topic is computer stuff. For the record, the language I've programmed the most in has been Python, so that’s the perspective I'm analyzing it from." Some good and bad things about Go.
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RE[7]: My thoughts on Go
by Alfman on Tue 12th Feb 2013 19:35 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: My thoughts on Go"
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"I think my personal preferences are actually important as they are pretty basic criticisms. Which the article basically addresses with 'haters will be haters'"

Your absolutely right, the author attempts to deflect criticism with immature ad-hominem quotes like the following.

"Controversial with [Internet controversialists]. People who complain about this are complainers. Features like this are useful because they let you know who likes to complain about things for no good reason. Go has a lot of features like this."

I find the attitude unfortunate because it seems to detract from an otherwise reasonable overview of the language.

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