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Games "Valve today announced the release of its Steam for Linux client. In celebration of the release, over 50 Linux titles are now 50-75% off until Thursday, February 21st at 10 AM PST. The Steam client is now available to download for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of Linux used by millions of people globally and known for its well-designed, easy-to-use customer experience." The beginning of the Steambox. We're on the cusp of a sea change in the gaming world.
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I wish it was true.

While indies have made really good strides (Bastion was my favorite game of 2012 for example), AAA content requires millions of dollars for development.

Until we can somehow generate content (graphics, levels, audio, music, etc) with a much smaller budget there will still be a market for AAA releases.

I'm not saying AAA is particularly better (most of the time it's opposite), but they sell well. It's like the big Hollywood blockbusters, vs independent films.

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Judging a game - or any expression for that matter - based on whether it's indie or not is ridiculous anyway. Being indie doesn't make a bad game better, nor does being an AAA title make a good game worse.

It's all arbitrary. Just play what you like.

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Right, big studios have more resources, but they often aren't putting emphasis on different perspectives of quality such as depth and originality. Rather they focus on producing mass market stuff. I.e. you often find indie games with much better story lines than many mindless AAA eye candies.

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They generate millions for who exactly? Certainly not the developers. Tim Schafer of Double Fine fame said once something along the lines of "when using other people's money to develop a game, most of whatever you make in sales, is going to them"

Kickstarter and other sites like it, bring developers in direct contact with their audience (the gamers) with the latter choosing to pay for a product that might ship in a few years, in advance. It was also the reason, InExile, who develop Wastelands 2, enabled Unity 3D to create native Linux games.

If I were one of the big publishers, I would have pissed my pants by now. The writing is on the wall. They are going extinct.

The "AAA" titles are dying. For some reason they cost millions to make and most turn out to be horrible. They end up as losses (which are blamed on piracy, of course). Just look at the latest "AAA" flop - Aliens: Colonial Marines. Took 6 years to make, turned out to be a turd.

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Star Citizen is a really good example of this. Chris Roberts generated the most kickstarter funding in history because he knows howto make damn good games. I just hope they make a Linux version like they want to.

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Didn't some people from Hollywood have similair concerns about the movie business ?

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AAA content requires millions of dollars for development.

And yet they so often fail completely (DNF, Aliens: Colonial Marines etc).
Can't help but wonder what they're paying all those millions for. Obviously not for talent and skill.

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And yet they so often fail completely (DNF, Aliens: Colonial Marines etc).
Can't help but wonder what they're paying all those millions for. Obviously not for talent and skill.

The developers and designers may actually be perfectly-well skilled and talented, but if the head(s) of the department(s) constantly hop in to "guide" the people, to restrict what they're allowed to do or how and so on the end result is often like this. And the one reason these heads often do this is because they've got an expensive license on their hands that they need to turn into cash and they believe they know more about gaming and development than they really do. You know the saying about the blind leading the deaf and so on? (Okay, in this case it'd be a 200-pound blind and deaf gorilla leading a mouse that's tied to its ankle with a chain and any wrong step..)

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