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SGI and IRIX Firefox 3.0.19 is being beta tested on IRIX. Yeah, I know, Firefox 3.x is really old. But this is a big deal for IRIX users, who have been stuck on Firefox 2.0.22 for years. With this breakthrough, I expect to see 3.5 or 3.6 follow soon. Not sure how much more recent than that can be accomplished.
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dexter1, diegel, jimis
by telns on Thu 14th Feb 2013 23:00 UTC
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Didn't realize my news submission would be used verbatim or I'd have phrased it much more carefully.

The efforts of some Nekoware contributers particularly 'dexter1' and 'diegel' (among others) for over 3 years finally paid off in a functional 3.0.19 build using gcc 4.7 at the end of January. It is currently in beta testing before inclusion in nekoware/current.

That was pure speculation on my part regarding 3.5. The porting work on it was mostly done, but was running into some trouble like 3.0.x. I think it is highly likely that port is going to get new life now that 3.0.19 is fixed and running strong, but "expect" and "soon" might have been a bit strong.

I really wish I could say I had been involved in any of this porting work, but unfortunately for me I was not.

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