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Opera Software De kogel is door de kerk: as we already talked about earlier, Opera is going to switch to the WebKit engine, leaving its own Presto rendering engine behind. We didn't yet know if they would the switch only on mobile or on the desktop as well, and they cleared that up too: both mobile and desktop Opera Browsers will switch to the WebKit rendering engine.
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You not answer my question.

This is what a decentralized authority on the direction of the web means to developers. Write multiple times, test everywhere

And it became now one lesser case to test and special case. Good point why Opera dropping Presto and going WebKit is good for us!

use a JS framework

And? You are using JS so why don't you use a JS framework? Why do you or your other mate keepon to add browser-engine and browser-version checks with different code-paths and then wonder it breaks?

This is the bullshit that people wish we'd replace our native app platforms for?

NOBODY but you in all of the threads here wrote something related to that. This isn't about any false claims native apps are dead nobody did. Its about Opera switching from Presto to WebKit.

So, what was your point and how its related?

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