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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Having failed to carve out a place for itself in the post-PC era, Hewlett-Packard is now taking drastic measures - by adopting Google's Android operating system to run a series of upcoming mobile devices. It's a bit of a Hail Mary pass for HP, which has fallen years behind its rivals in the mobile space. It's also a big win for Google, which adds another powerful partner to the Android ecosystem." Ugh.
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HP has a chance
by r_a_trip on Fri 15th Feb 2013 09:45 UTC
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My, my, what doom and gloom in this thread. While supplying Android based hardware isn't particularly innovative and HP is late to the game, they still could make a killing. Do what Google doesn't dare doing. Go full on Nexus with top of the line specs in the hardware.

People would like Google updated hardware, but the Google Nexus phone line is too conservative with specs to be killer. Google needs to keep the Samsung's, HTC's, Sony's, LG's, etc. happy. So the Nexus is a safe, not quite high end line.

HP could become a Nexus champion by bringing out hardware that can compete with the big "Android-with-annoying-skin" vendor's hardware, but keep Android stock. I know I'd buy a Nexus HP Phone, if it measured up to the top of the line Galaxy, Experia and Optimus lines.

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RE: HP has a chance
by tkeith on Fri 15th Feb 2013 11:12 in reply to "HP has a chance"
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I'm not sure I agree with that. The Nexus S may not have been a breakthru device, but the Galaxy Nexus(720p, Dual core, no buttons) and Nexus 4(S4 pro, 2GB RAM) were top of the line specs when them came out. Sure there were phones that came out after with better specs, but compared to the phones out at the time(SII, Bionic/Atrix, Desire;SIII, OneX, RZR HD) the Nexii held there own. I don't equate screen size to a better spec, and I will admit cameras have been weak.

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RE[2]: HP has a chance
by r_a_trip on Fri 15th Feb 2013 14:58 in reply to "RE: HP has a chance"
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For me it hasn't been about screensize. I'm not particularly atracted to phablets. It's been the relatively weak camera's, the just less then top notch display technology used and the insistence on just 16GB internal storage and no SD cards.

I don't mind Google taking 16 GB storage as its gold standard, but for me, that is too little. So no Google Nexus for me. I like my apps, I like my small video's and I like my music and I can't and I don't want to store that in the Cloud and I'm not going to lug around extra USB storage.

In the Netherlands our data bundles went from incredibly cheap and nearly unlimited, to very limited and priced at a premium. So "Cloud" phones here are a very unattractive proposition economically.

I'd like an all out phone, no compromises, just the best that can be fitted at the 600 Pecunia mark, with no "flagship line phone with annoying skin" interfering with the specs. One has to wonder why the Galaxy Nexus was just slightly less of a phone than the Galaxy S2...

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