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Games "We're told by someone with access to the NPD's data that sales for January were 'well under' 100,000 units. By our estimates, sales were somewhere between 45,000 and 59,000 units for the month, which is lower than any of the three previous-generation home consoles sold in their worst months, with the possible exception of a recent performance by the original Wii." This doesn't surprise me. I've always wondered: who's the Wii U for? Casual Wii buyers - which comprise most of the Wii owners, I'd guess - have little reason to upgrade, and hardcore Nintendo fans are waiting for the next re-releases of Mario and Zelda from the Nintendo Game-o-tron. Until then, who's going to buy this thing?
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Think about the amount of power it will take to run 4k games at 50 frame per second - not expecting a massive jump in 3D performance.

There is no way in hell that 4k games will exist in 2 years. Whilst 4k resolution is achievable, you'd have to sacrifice too much scene complexity, in effect reducing the visual fidelity of games. Also think of the bandwidth consumption of the textures required to look good at 4k.

What you might see is 1080 (or slightly larger) upscaled to 4k and then antialiased, but definitely not native.

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