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Games "We're told by someone with access to the NPD's data that sales for January were 'well under' 100,000 units. By our estimates, sales were somewhere between 45,000 and 59,000 units for the month, which is lower than any of the three previous-generation home consoles sold in their worst months, with the possible exception of a recent performance by the original Wii." This doesn't surprise me. I've always wondered: who's the Wii U for? Casual Wii buyers - which comprise most of the Wii owners, I'd guess - have little reason to upgrade, and hardcore Nintendo fans are waiting for the next re-releases of Mario and Zelda from the Nintendo Game-o-tron. Until then, who's going to buy this thing?
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RE: it will save the market
by atsureki on Sat 16th Feb 2013 08:26 UTC in reply to "it will save the market"
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they use very exotic hardware that take time to be mastered.
also they put efficency in first place so only the best developers in world could get the maximum from the hardware.

being ps4 and xbox 3 based on pc cpus and only partially customized gpus, Nintendo will remain the only one having a real dedicated hardware for gaming...

These statements are ambiguous are seem to conflate architecture with periphery. Nintendo is very conservative on the architecture level and does all its experimenting on the control and display front. Kinect is as unconventional as anything Nintendo is doing, while the PS3 is the real mutant under the hood, which also makes it the greatest challenge to skilled developers, much like the Saturn and Jaguar were in their day (those things were both mismatched clusters of oddball processors).

Pippin showed already how they are not good as console makers...

Now you're just living in the past. You might as well say iPhone will fail as a gaming device because N-Gage proved phone+games doesn't work and proved games+Internet doesn't work. It's a different world now, and the products in it are much better.

I've read reviews that the UX of the WiiU is just terrible, with incredibly long load times, so I hope that's significantly hurting sales as general crappiness rightly should. On the same token, I hope Nintendo fixes its firmware problems and is rewarded with improved sales thereafter.

But whatever Nintendo does next, Apple owns a huge chunk, if not the biggest chunk, of the present and foreseeable future of gaming. Granted Apple's success and Nintendo's are not mutually exclusive, but iOS and Android are extremely capable with much lower software prices, and the iPad captures more collective techlust and toy appeal than a new generation of settop console refreshes. Combine that with Windows 8's general unfriendliness to Steam and traditional aftermarket software, and you have a perfect storm that will have massive repercussions on the base or "hardcore" gaming industry for some time. The failed launches of both PSVita and WiiU are partly to blame on flaws of the product itself, but I believe they're also symptomatic of a larger change that will significantly hinder the next Playstation and Xbox as well, regardless of their ultimate quality.

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