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SGI and IRIX Firefox 3.0.19 is being beta tested on IRIX. Yeah, I know, Firefox 3.x is really old. But this is a big deal for IRIX users, who have been stuck on Firefox 2.0.22 for years. With this breakthrough, I expect to see 3.5 or 3.6 follow soon. Not sure how much more recent than that can be accomplished.
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RE: IRIX users?
by josehill on Mon 18th Feb 2013 04:05 UTC in reply to "IRIX users?"
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There is an interesting, decade long thread on the topic over at

I still use IRIX as my preferred UNIX desktop environment. Even though the gui is dated in some respects, there are still a fair number of people who believe that the "IRIX Interactive Desktop" gui has the best balance of power and simplicity/consistency, particularly when compared with the constantly changing gadgets and distractions found in many of the open source desktops. Of course, as time goes on and newer systems outpace the older SGIs, I find that I use mine more and more as a glorified X11 terminal, rather than as a production system. On the other hand, while the later IRIX machines (Fuel, Tezro) may no longer be performance champs, they can do surprisingly well with pro-level animation and rendering software.

Also, people who are interested in learning about the principles of scaling apps across large, multi-cpu systems can find old 8, 16, 32 -- and even larger -- SGI systems for very little money. Maybe not practical for production, but very nice for learning about parallelization and app design.

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