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SGI and IRIX Firefox 3.0.19 is being beta tested on IRIX. Yeah, I know, Firefox 3.x is really old. But this is a big deal for IRIX users, who have been stuck on Firefox 2.0.22 for years. With this breakthrough, I expect to see 3.5 or 3.6 follow soon. Not sure how much more recent than that can be accomplished.
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RE: IRIX users?
by Bessarion on Tue 19th Feb 2013 15:32 UTC in reply to "IRIX users?"
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In my case, I rescued an SGI system in perfect operating condition from being thrown away. Many of them are/were marvels of industrial design in my opinion, and the idea of just throwing it away bothered me. Naturally once I had gone through the trouble of lugging it up six flights of stairs (this is an Indigo2, more luggable than some SGIs), it seemed silly not to turn the thing on for curiosity's sake.

Once I had learned enough about IRIX and the hardware to get it on my network and install Konqueror (which was the most usable browser on IRIX at that time) I found I actually liked the IRIX desktop environment a lot. If there's ever a stable 4Dwm clone for Linux, I would quite likely use it as my standard DE.

Of course they're terribly out of date now, but still it's surprising how much you can do with a system from ~1996.

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