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Apple John Gruber illustrates the dangers of not having a clue about history: "The utter simplicity of the iOS home screen is Apple's innovation. It's the simplest, most obvious 'system' ever designed." Thanks for playing.
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Not really. I guarantee *you*, most others get it right away ;-)

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Not really. I guarantee *you*, most others get it right away ;-)

I agree with you completely. I've never heard anyone refer to the iOS homescreen as anything other than simple & easy to understand. I know someone with a 3 year old who navigates the screens to find her Zoodles game, the camera, and the photo library no problem. Additionally I know a few elderly people who are just about the opposite of tech-savvy that seem to manage just fine as well. I would expect otherwise if the UI was anything but simple.

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This is intentional. Apple designs simultaneously for the Luddites and the tech savvy, because those two extremes are their target audience. My boss at the sheriff's office is a technological neophyte (despite, ironically enough, being in charge of a data processing department) yet within a day of owning an iPad mini she had the majority of its functionality down.

When I briefly had an iPad (now owned by my fiancée) I was using it to ssh into my home server, create real music with GarageBand, and write parts of my novel with a $5 app that rivaled the excellent Scrivener for Mac.

My point being, it was just as easy for my clueless boss to pick up and use as it was for me, a ravenous consumer of all things tech. That's the beauty of Apple's design philosophy and also the source of a lot of the ridicule they suffer: Nearly anyone can pick up an Apple product and figure it out within minutes.

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