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Mac OS X "This is the problem: You want to open a file using something other than the default application. You right-click its icon in the Finder, choose Open With, and a submenu pops up with an absurd number of duplicate entries." This is so annoying. Dr. Dang made a little addition to .bashrc so you can fix it with a single command. Now it's up to Apple to actually fix the problem (via Daring Fireball).
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by darknexus on Wed 20th Feb 2013 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by MOS6510"
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Installers, or the lack there of, aren't in and of themselves the issue. I've seen Windows installers that do far worse than have duplicates in the open with menu (Adobe, I'm looking at you). I've even seen some several years back that created double start menu entries because, rather than check for proper lnk files, they simply created duplicates so you had "Adobe Acrobat.lnk" and "Adobe Acrobat (1).lnk", both of which showed up in the menu as "Adobe Acrobat." I've seen Linux packages do similar things, though not recently. I haven't really encountered these issues on any os for at least a year, and I'm sure not complaining, but it's hardly a Mac-specific issue. No matter what the installation system, clumsy developers will eventually cause problems like this.

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