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Apple John Gruber illustrates the dangers of not having a clue about history: "The utter simplicity of the iOS home screen is Apple's innovation. It's the simplest, most obvious 'system' ever designed." Thanks for playing.
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RE[9]: To be fair
by gan17 on Wed 20th Feb 2013 14:04 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: To be fair"
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Try telling that to my 57yr old mum, who refuses to even swipe to the next page of her iPad. I need to put all the icons or the stuff she uses (which is basically 7 or 8 apps in total) on the first page.

Then again, my mum's probably an obscure case. She used to think the "Internet" was an application, hence I had to rename the Firefox desktop icon to "Internet" on her old XP system in order for her to identify it.


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RE[10]: To be fair
by henderson101 on Wed 20th Feb 2013 15:05 in reply to "RE[9]: To be fair"
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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
― Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."
― Douglas Adams

There's another quote I can't seem to find that (if I was to give the gist) something like "in our youth we accept technology, by our 30's we struggle with it, but our 50's it's black magic" or something like that.

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RE[11]: To be fair
by darknexus on Wed 20th Feb 2013 16:01 in reply to "RE[10]: To be fair"
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Here's my all-time favorite:
"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair."
--Douglas Adams

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