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Google This is amazing. Not only has Google just opened up the pre-order program for Google Glass to 'creative individuals', it has also unveiled what the user interface looks like and how it works. It's... Nothing short of amazing. I'm throwing money, credit cards, my car keys, my house keys, my Surface RT, my cats, everything at my screen. I want this so bad.
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RE[3]: Hands free BIG PLUS
by kwan_e on Thu 21st Feb 2013 15:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hands free BIG PLUS"
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Most people aren't graphic artists either but they buy a mac thinking that people are going to think they're a graphic artist because they have a mac.

Most people by a Mac? that's news to me.

Haven't you heard? They've got the largest market cap blah blah worth $600 billion dollars blah blah which is what it's really worth and will never change blah blah and therefore everyone likes them blah blah meaning everyone has one blah blah.

Seriously though, given the rising popularity of macs, it is entirely true to say that most people today are by a mac. They may be sitting next to a person on the bus with an iPhone, and thus by a mac. Or they could be standing in line for a coffee, which is the mating ground of macbook carriers, thus standing by a mac.

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