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Google It's turning out to be a bit of a crazy week for cool new products, isn't it? We already got Ubuntu Touch Preview for phones and tablets, then we got the new PlayStation 4 yesterday, and today Google surprised us all by launching the Chromebook Pixel. Google's first laptop appears to be a stunning machine - just don't ask who the hell it's for.
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by Hiev on Thu 21st Feb 2013 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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At least with Windows 8 I can opt out.

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by ricegf on Thu 21st Feb 2013 22:50 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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As you can with Ubuntu.

But I have no idea how you would opt out of providing usage data to the provider of a web app-centric operating system, since you are generally using their servers to run your applications and store your data. (I know Chrome supports off-line mode, but the whole point of Chrome as I understand it is to run web apps.)

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by lucas0 on Fri 22nd Feb 2013 15:18 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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And how can you know that Windows 8 doesn't spy anything you do? It's closed source software, you have to trust them.

I'd rather thrust Google than Microsoft.

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by Hiev on Fri 22nd Feb 2013 16:08 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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You can use this thing called "Wireshark" you know? so you can audit all your network traffic.

Just launch it while running Chrome, you'll get surprised how many calls does that thing to Google's servers even when idle.

Oh, I can use Windows 8 offline if I want and will still be usable, not like Chrome OS.

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