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Google It's turning out to be a bit of a crazy week for cool new products, isn't it? We already got Ubuntu Touch Preview for phones and tablets, then we got the new PlayStation 4 yesterday, and today Google surprised us all by launching the Chromebook Pixel. Google's first laptop appears to be a stunning machine - just don't ask who the hell it's for.
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RE: LOL Google
by umccullough on Thu 21st Feb 2013 22:20 UTC in reply to "LOL Google"
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Google is so inconsistent when it comes to their consumer electronics product offerings, it's amusing.

I'm not sure they have to be consistent - they don't necessarily rely on hardware sales to survive.

I'm guessing they're throwing this out there to see what the reception is like - I wouldn't even be surprised if they have artificially inflated the price simply to target wealthy people with disposable income looking for a new toy to play with.

I suspect they'll use it to gauge interest in the various technologies it comes with and use that information to generate some further products with those features.

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RE[2]: LOL Google
by tylerdurden on Thu 21st Feb 2013 23:01 in reply to "RE: LOL Google"
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Yeah, there seems to be an attitude of "throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what sticks" as an MO of sorts for google. And why not, they have the pockets deep enough for it.

The introductory marketing video, with some design team members talking about the product, had a weird "applesque" vibe. A disappointing lack of originality, considering google is kind of a gigantic ad agency...

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