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Games Late last night, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 - sort of. It's got a custom 8-core AMD x86-64 processor, 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, and a custom Radeon-based graphics chip. It's also got additional chips to offload specific tasks like video (de)compression (livestreaming is built-in!), and there's a large focus on streaming games, but most of it is "an ultimate goal" instead of a definitive feature. It won't play PS3 discs (but will eventually stream many PS3 games), and, while there's some weaselwording involved, second hand games are safe. The biggest surprise? The console itself wasn't shown because it's not done yet. No joke. No price, no release date (other than somewhere before the holidays).
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RE[4]: Not impressive
by WereCatf on Sat 23rd Feb 2013 13:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not impressive"
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Saying that the PS4 will be impressive because the PS3 was impressive is just idiotic, they do not even share the same architecture let anything else -- there simply is no relation between the two hardware-wise, and thus drawing such a line is inherently flawed.

Also, yes, saying that you can fix more-or-less anything by throwing enough money at it is such a Captain Obvious - moment that you deserve to be berated for it.

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