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Windows "The public preview, first reported by win8china, will launch within the next few months, allowing existing Windows 8 users to test and provide feedback before Microsoft readies the final version of Windows Blue. We understand that Microsoft is aiming to only have one preview release for Blue. Features are still being prepared for Blue, but one of the biggest changes is an improvement to the search charm functionality." Whatever. Windows Blue needs to address two things: application loading times and in-application performance, and the Mail application. Everything else is fluff.
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RE[4]: Comment by Wafflez
by Nelson on Mon 25th Feb 2013 10:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Wafflez"
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Businesses were skipping out anyway because they just completed Win7 transitions (and thank God, XP needs to go.).

I think things will work same as before. 3 year schedule for major releases with yearly maintenance updates.

Businesses can choose to target a major release if they'd like, or if they're unhappy with the OS, wait until an interim update or the next major release. If anything it provides more flexibility.

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RE[5]: Comment by Wafflez
by jnemesh on Tue 26th Feb 2013 18:36 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Wafflez"
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Nope, they are going to a subscription based model with constant upgrades instead of monolithic upgrades every few years. This means the OS will be in a constant state of fail. By the time they stabilize one version, they will auto-upgrade you to the next, undoubtedly breaking all kinds of crap in the process.

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