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OSNews, Generic OSes "LG said today it was acquiring WebOS from Hewlett-Packard, with the intention to use the operating system not for its mobile phones, but in its smart televisions. With the deal, LG obtains the source code for WebOS, related documentation, engineering talent, and related WebOS Web sites. LG also gets HP licenses for use with its WebOS products, and patents HP obtained from Palm. The financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed." Completely and utterly pointless. Smart TVs are a dead end. The TV should just remain a dumb receiver for input - whether from a computer or console via cables, or wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Our phones and tablets are already smart so TVs don't have to be.
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Comment by ichi
by ichi on Wed 27th Feb 2013 07:34 UTC
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Maybe SmartTVs will become somewhat more useful in the future but as they are being designed now they all suck.

The problem is that while it's actually a nice idea to be able to do things like swiping a picture or video on your phone and getting it automatically streamed to the TV it turns out to be a tiresome gimmick when you have to go into the TV's app menu, launch the application and authorize your phone every time (more so when the menu and the apps aren't loading all that fast).

Maybe I'm spoiled by having a PC plugged to the TV, but it's so much faster and easier to sync your mobile media with Dropbox and open it on the PC that the TV's "smarts" seem like a ridiculous burden.

Give me something more convenient and seamless than an external device and then we'll start talking.

TV devs seem to be happy throwing in random barely thought out features that never actually work as you would expect.
Take PIP as an example: yeah, being able to preview other channels or input sources could come handy, but then it turns out that you can only do that with a couple of video source combinations.

A SmartTV should be able to show previews of any source at any time, or even show a grid wall of them.
As of now they aren't "smart", they are TVs with a half assed and loosely integrated app platform.

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