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Google "Thanks to a source close to the Glass project, though, we're excited to give you some insight into what magic actually happens inside that wearable eyepiece, what that UI looks like, and how the innovative functionality will work, both locally and in the cloud." Lots of interesting details. The key to Glass? Developers have to use Google's server-side Mirror API, so everything goes through Google's servers. This keeps local processing needs to a minimum, keeps everything tightly controlled, and, of course, gives data to Google.
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Everyone is interested, and the governments do nothing
by Nth_Man on Wed 27th Feb 2013 10:52 UTC in reply to "Lovely"
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In Osnews we read that "Apple deletes iCloud mails containing phrase 'barely legal teens'" because, like Thom Holwerda said, "They scan your emails, including attachments, just like everyone else."

With that "use my cloud" marketing, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. get people's data. With mobile phones, they do it, too: location, photographs (what people see), messages (what people think), etc.). Some people, like Richard Stallman, don't have a mobile phone, saying "I refuse to have a cell phone because they are tracking and surveillance devices".

Meanwhile, governments are doing nothing to prevent those abuses, being paid at least from the people they are supposed to protect.

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