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Google "Google has opened a public kernel repository, marked as experimental, for the Linux 3.8 kernel. The kernel repo is built from the standard Linux kernel, with Android modifications added by the folks in Mountain View working on the Android project. The reason this is good news? 3.8 includes three important and interesting changes for mobile devices - support for open source NVIDIA Tegra and Samsung Exynos DRM drivers, support for the Flash-Friendly File-System, and a lower memory footprint - in some cases much lower. Having native support means less development time by Google or anyone else building the kernel for Android, and everyone loves more memory for apps instead of the system."
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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Yeah, you are correct. But, if future devices use this kernel, it will help Ubuntu,Jolla,Firefox et All port their operating systems to those future devices.

Per terms of the GPL, they would be required to release the source anyways, but its nice that they are doing it before it gets shipped in devices. Might make any porting of alternative OS' a bit easier, if they require additional changes to the kernel.

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